A win-win system for independent freelancers & SME’s

RawadBiz is not just another freelancing platform, but ‘The Marketplace of Talented Freelancers’. RawadBiz is a place where everyone feels happy because our win-win system works perfectly for buyers where they pay no fee or taxes and sellers with highest profit margins and great rewards.

Verified Freelancers

Verifying phone number and email is mandatory to become a freelancer at RawadBiz.

Payment Protection

To protect payment, RawadBiz holds the order amount till seller delivers the order.

Profitable Tools

Profitable & convenient tools to manage orders, invoices, affiliate payments and more.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? There is more to impress

Buyer’s Service Request

Buyers can post job requests which then will be responded with a job offer by freelancers.

Job Multiples

Freelancers are now able to offer services & extras with capability of selling in multiples of same job.

Custom Invoicing

Generate your invoices for what ever you have spent and hired with your own details.

No Processing Fee

There is no extra charge for hiring freelancers whether they call it processing or admin fee.

Seller’s Vacation Mode

Sellers are able to enable vacation mode along with reason and holiday end date to accept orders.

Location Sharing

Sellers can set a location for their services which allow buyers to find freelancers geographically.

Rating & Feedback System

A vigorous evaluation system with star rating and text feedback to calculate aggregate reputation.

Favorite Jobs

Users can bookmark their favorite job offers and can access them anytime in the future.

Live Job Extras

Buyers are capable of buying additional services or extras during an on going job with a set price,